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Storage services with Amazon S3 API compatibility

indevis Cloud Storage logoEver greater numbers of companies are facing considerable challenges in coping cost-effectively and securely with the predicted growth in data levels in the coming years. The flexible storage services from indevis allow the storage capacity of a company to be expanded to any extent wanted without investment costs. The fully Amazon S3 API-compatible object storage in the indevis data centers is extremely cost-efficient and provides a powerful range of functionality. In this way, we offer you a simple path for most of your data to your hybrid or private cloud along with an absolutely secure home for the data in the indevis data centers in Germany.

  • Fully Amazon S3 API-compatible object storage
  • Alternative storage models: Combinations of on-premise and storage-as-a-service models available
  • Ideal for automatic tiering or backup and archiving of data
  • Flexible storage capacities, cutting-edge technology, maximum cost efficiency
  • High availability-level datacenters in Germany with the most up-to-date infrastructure and security solutions
  • No costs for expensive storage arrays, management and administration; shift in investment from CapEx to OpEx

Alternative storage models

With this service we provide you with the storage capacity you need for initial storage purposes or for additional lifecycles of your data. Compatibility and interoperability with many applications are ensured by the Amazon S3 Standard. On top of that, new storage models can be deployed – for example, in a combination of on-premise and storage-as-a-service models for automatic tiering or backup and archiving of your data.

  • Off-site replication of data: secure redistribution of data
  • Georedundancy and distribution of data across different sites
  • Data backup – our service is compatible with, for example, VERITAS, VEEAM, COMMVAULT, RUBRIK and SPECTRUM PROTECT (TSM)
  • Media and entertainment – compatible with typical media and digital asset management systems
  • Bio-sciences – for example, in DNS research

Flexibility through storage on demand

indevis Cloud Storage allows you to plan and work independently of storage requirements since sufficient storage can always be provided, even in the event of short increases in your capacity demands. This grants you a maximum level of flexibility with the latest technology on hand and without having to invest in expensive storage arrays and their management and maintenance. 

indevis License and System Rental

You have the option of acquiring all products and services under rental or leasing arrangements. You can find further information on our webpage indevis License and System Rental or get in contact with our Sales team at +49 (89) 45 24 24-100.


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