indevis DDoS Protect

indevis DDoS Protect

Complementary DDoS protection for indevis Datacenter Services

Complementary DDoS protection for indevis Datacenter Services

indevis DDoS Protect logoDDoS attacks can have the effect that a corporate website is not available and that important files and programs cannot be accessed. Serious economic damage can be the consequence for your company. Attacks of this kind can be repelled with DDoS protection enabling you to protect your company against downtime, loss of revenue and damage to your corporate image.

With indevis DDoS Protect you can protect your company against volumetric attacks, transport protocol anomalies, attacks on protocols such as TCP, http or https/TLS and on services and applications like DNS, SIP etc. Your data traffic is permanently monitored so that the DDoS protection system can independently detect attacks on IP addresses, IP address ranges (CIDR) and also on an Autonomous System (AS).

indevis DDoS Protect can be exclusively deployed complementary to the indevis Datacenter and Virtualization Services or to the indevis Web App Secure service.

  • Blocking of conspicuous users by means of defined threshold values
  • Filter technology: behavioral monitoring of specific IP addresses, entire IP address ranges (CIDR) or Autonomous Systems (AS)
  • Protocol verification by checking users and protocol standards
  • Bogon filter: examination of the validity of IP addresses used
  • Investigation of IP reputation using a global database
  • Protection against flooding attacks
  • Option for individual limitation of the data rate
  • Geo-blocking: Option to block requests from specific regions and for restricting traffic according to geographical origin
  • Whitelisting/blacklisting
  • Layers 3, 4 & 7 DDoS protection

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