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indevis E-Mail Archiving

Legally compliant and efficient archiving of e-mails

Safety and security of mind with e-mail archiving

indevis E-Mail Archiving logoWith an ever-increasing number of e-mails sent as part of corporate business, an efficient archiving solution is required. In view of the fact that e-mails contain business-critical information such as receipts, invoices or business letters, companies are compelled to securely store all of the transferred information. With indevis E-Mail Archiving e-mails can be archived in a space-saving and cost-effective manner under compliance with legal requirements. The e-mail services offered by indevis enable you to communicate safely and securely. While you can securely store your e-mails over many years with the E-Mail Archiving service, the indevis E-Mail Security service protects against spam and malware, and indevis E-Mail Encryption provides protection against unauthorized reading.

  • Long-term secure storage of e-mails
  • Legally compliant e-mail archiving in accordance with GoBD (Principles of orderly management and storage of books, recordings and documents in digital format and regarding data access – issued by the German Federal Ministry of Finance)
  • High level of efficiency by automated processes
  • Fast retrieval of e-mails by full-text searches of text and attachments
  • Reduced load on e-mail servers and mailboxes
  • Protection against data loss due to high level of memory redundancy
  • Management, maintenance and upgrading of clients' own solutions no longer required
  • Scalable costs: Investment shift from CapEx to OpEx

The indevis E-Mail Archiving service satisfies the requirements that companies must implement legally compliant archiving and save e-mails fully in digital format, protected against manipulation and retrievable at all times.

Tamper-resistant e-mail archiving

All incoming and outgoing e-mails are automatically retrieved from the customer’s e-mail server using POP3 or IMAP, provided with a hash code, indexed and stored in a storage area. The hash codes are saved on the indevis Virtualization Platform. Any attempts to manipulate e-mails are detected by means of the hash codes. The e-mails themselves are stored separately in the indevis Cloud Storage in at least one personal storage space, the so-called "storage array". Along with the actual e-mail text contents, also the subject line, recipient(s), sender and attachment(s) are archived and indexed at the same time. This makes it considerably easier to find e-mails in the archive since each e-mail can be located within a few seconds using the full-text indexing. This means that messages can be viewed and restored at any time by authorized users, saving time and thereby ensuring a high level of efficiency while also complying with all statutory requirements for fast retrieval.

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