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indevis Hybrid Backup

Backup as a service for restoration in seconds

 Modern emergency service for valuable corporate data

indevis Hybrid Backup logoThere are many sources of risk that can cause valuable corporate data to be lost. The provisioning and restoration of data within the context of modern emergency measures are subject to expensive and protracted processes. For this reason, it is important to protect the data in such a way that the data is not only securely stored, but that it can also be restored without any changes and within the specified timeframes. Conventional backup methods and transfer to tape quickly reach their limits in regard to security, management and speed. This situation is compounded by increasing volumes of data, which make future and necessary media changes (e.g. tape migrations) difficult or even impossible.

Cloud-based, failsafe backup and recovery service

indevis Hybrid Backup enables you to securely and cost-effectively move your data without modifications to highly modern, convergent backup destinations in the indevis datacenter. The indevis Hybrid Backup service is a cloud-based, failsafe backup and recovery service. indevis Hybrid Backup is provisioned through the ultra-modern indevis cloud to augment and extend your existing backup infrastructure with additional functionality and a further highly-secure replication destination in a German datacenter.

Business challenges

  • Next-generation datacenter initiatives
  • Datacenter transformation – migration of data
  • Private hybrid and public cloud initiatives
  • Increasing costs for backup, archives and disaster recovery
  • Personnel requirements and planning – 'always on'
  • Time management – problem and incident troubleshooting
  • Merger & acquisitions

Technical challenges 

  • Increasing data volumes
  • Growing complexity of data backups
  • Safeguarding of data integrity
  • Examination of data availability
  • Relocation of the data – off-site backup / emergency provisioning
  • Fast searches and recovery
  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Technology exchange / extensions

Double protection and system load relief

indevis Backup-as-a-Service uses your existing infrastructure. Communication with the indevis backup, replication or archive destinations is safeguarded by the additional integration of a virtual backup appliance. indevis Hybrid Backup backs up in virtual environments without the need for backup agents, and therefore makes no changes to your existing environment. For this reason, indevis Hybrid Backup can be the ideal supplement to the emergency management for your current data backup solution.

High security standards

The replication destination is located in the indevis datacenter in Munich. The data can be transferred in encrypted format. The indevis Hybrid Backup platform is a powerful, convergent backup and data management platform for the backup of virtual servers. The indevis backup appliances have redundant power, network components, fans, SSD and HDD storage capacities as well as suitable mechanisms for early detection and prevention of memory errors. Your data is comprehensively protected against loss and destruction as a consequence.

  • No initial investments; calculable costs with monthly billing
  • Hardware-independent service
  • Easy deployment, setup, auto-discovery
  • SLA policy automation
  • Local and off-site backups with indevis as replication target
  • Scale-out backup and archiving with integrated disaster recovery functions
  • Central management – edge and in the cloud
  • Reporting to meet compliance requirements

Fast backup – fast recovery

The scalable indevis Hybrid Backup service helps you to reduce your administration complexity. The backup policies are set up using modern SLA guidelines and are completely transparent to all backup destinations. The integrated search functions allow you to quickly search through the replication targets and to easily recover individual folders and/or files without placing additional demand on your in-house infrastructure. Thanks to the included cloud data management you always have a clear overview and control over your internal and external databases.

Endless possibilities

Upgrade your data backup and disaster prevention to the highest standards. indevis Hybrid Backup can be flexibly configured and adapted to your requirements. Start with a single, business-critical application and grow over time into our optional indevis Cloud Storage as a long-term storage solution. In combination with automatic and transparent data tiering, we can offer you new and competitively-priced options.

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