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indevis Pulse Secure License Rental

Price advantage: indevis License Pool for Pulse Secure Lizenses

Reduce your license fees: indevis license pool for your Pulse Secure licenses

Logo indevis Pulse Secure License RentalCompanies that operate Pulse Secure as an on-premises solution can obtain their licenses via indevis – with considerable price advantages!

All you have to do is connect your virtual and / or physical Pulse Secure Appliances to the indevis Pulse Secure License Server and you can book from indevis any number of Concurrent Sessions you want through our License Server. Take advantage from our favorable license conditions!

Advantages and Use Cases of our service indevis Pulse Secure License Rental

  • Suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes which want to reduce their own (complex) licensing efforts. 
  • Particularly profitable for worldwide branches, numerous sales representatives, universities, health care, research institutions etc.
  • Saves the operation of your own (for security reasons clustered) license server.
  • Saves costs by using the affordable indevis Pulse Secure license pool.
  • Saves costs due to the royalty-free licensing of your virtual appliances through indevis (as opposed to the additional fees for operating as a VM,  which are incurred in direct vendor licensing).
  • Reduces administrative overhead through simple, accurate monthly billing.

Functionality of the indevis Pulse Secure License Rental service

The operational responsibility, administration and updates of the virtual or physical Pulse Secure Appliances remains with you. Of course, we will gladly assist you with the administration via our service desk or with our system consulting.

indevis provides the licenses ordered per appliance and is responsible for the sufficient licensing of the license server. The licenses provided by indevis are always tied to a fixed physical or virtual appliance. License pools on your part are excluded. Billing takes place monthly according to the number of licenses provided.

Please note: Customers of our indevis Pulse Secure License Rental service are indevis customers and not Pulse Secure customers! Therefore, at a later date you can download software updates only through our service desk and have no access via a vendor support account.

Save your resources: Upgrade to the indevis Secure Access Service

If you not only want to obtain your Pulse Secure licenses from us, but we should completely relieve you of the burden of operating the solution, alternatively we would like to take over

  • either the operational responsibility including full service for all your existing on-premises Pulse Secure systems in your own data center or
  • we provide you with our cloud-based managed service indevis Secure Access out of our German data centers.

indevis Pulse Secure License Rental

Benefit from the cost advantages of the indevis Pulse Secure License Rental service. Get in touch with our sales team: +49 (89) 45 24 24-100.


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