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Modern networks for competitive organizations

indevis Switching LogoAn advanced level of digitalization and modern networking are increasingly becoming more and more crucial to business profitability. Competitive businesses demand flexibility, scalable and failsafe connectivity as well as integrated network security – but without the complexity of a conventional network management system.

It takes a lot of work and know-how to set up and run a flexibly scalable network that offers a wide variety of management, monitoring and security functions. It is becoming more and more difficult for many business organizations to provide specialist service staff. indevis Switching is the ideal solution for all companies wishing to save themselves the effort and investment needed to run their own switching infrastructure.

indevis Switching provides a switch infrastructure for establishing a layer-2 network and for use as a service. In this way, indevis presents a new method for setting up and operating networks: by providing switching infrastructure and adopting full operational responsibility indevis relieves IT departments of tasks outside their scope of core competence.

Benefits of the indevis Switching Service

  • Provision of a complete switching infrastructure, including operational responsibility
  • Centralized global management of the deployed switch devices
  • Two service levels: Basic and Enterprise
  • Updates and upgrades in addition to a service desk
  • Support in capacity planning and rollout, flexible scalability
  • Full Service from indevis: devices, licenses, setup, policies, replacement service, and much more

Two Service Options – Maximum Benefit

indevis Switching can be ordered in the versions Basic and Enterprise. Both versions are centrally managed by indevis. The components in the Basic version are managed purely on a cloud basis. In the Enterprise version you can select between cloud-based management or indevis-hosted management.

In order to ensure the availability of the service, indevis automatically checks the following parameters on the switches at regular intervals (the monitored parameters can vary between switch models).

Monitored Parameter BASIC ENTERPRISE
Firmware (bugs and vulnerabilities)
Storage usage  
Uplink interfaces  
PoE budget  

Optional range of services for indevis Switching

Optional services can be additionally booked for indevis Switching, depending on the version Basic or Enterprise.

Layer 3 Routing  
VLAN Extrension
Port Security  
indevis Hosted Management  

indevis License and System Rental

You have the option of acquiring all products and services under rental or leasing arrangements. You can find further information on our webpage indevis License and System Rental or get in contact with our Sales team at +49 (89) 45 24 24-100.


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